Holcomb House, the residential treatment program I work at, has a connection with St Paul Radiology where they donate all of the holiday presents for the kids we work with and they, in exchange, get to come and help us decorate for the holiday season. Last Wednesday they came to help decorate and one the women there was so touched by our program, that she invited her grandmother, Gloria Frias of West St Paul’s Boca Chica Restaurante to cater dinner for us tonight.  The generosity of her gift floored me.  One of the most basic ways to nurture and care for children is by feeding them tasty and wholesome food.  That basic nurturance was provided tonight for Holcomb’s kids and I am so thankful for the gift.

If any of you reading this are in the St Paul, MN metro area, I highly encourage you to patronize Boca Chica.  The food was absolutely delicious.  I had three fried tacos, three enchaladas and multiple helpings of rice and beans.  I don’t regret a single bite.

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You should eat here!