A study published by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research suggests that there may be a link between schizophrenia and autism.  By examining a variety published research, Annemie Ploeger, found that a disruption within the first 20-40 days of pregnancy seems to be related to the development either autism or schizophrenia.  Her hypothesis is backed up by some of the similar specifics in the bodies of people dealing with autism or schizophrenia.  For instance, both people with autism and people with schizophrenia typically have larger than average heads and ears.  Further research is needed to confirm this hypothesis, but changes in womens’ behavioral health is one of the natural outgrowths of such hypotheses.  The link between smoking and an increased risk for autism or schizophrenia was already well established.  However, it is the hypothesis that the risk for abnormalities can occur so early in pregnancy highlights the importance of healthy behaviors even before a woman knows that she is pregnant.

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