A recent study put out by Binghamton University found that there seems to be correlations between being a victim of peer victimization and sexual activity.  Males who are bullied in adolescence seem to have less sex and females who are bullied seem to have more sex.  Researchers think that it may be related to an evolutionary desire to eliminate sexual competitors.  Males who are bullied don’t end up having as much sex because females end up finding them less attractive.  Bullied females end up having more sex possibly as a function of lower self esteem and greater suscebility to coercion.  Additionally, the females being bullied may be bullied because they are more attractive, thus more attractive to male peers. (It should be noted that this study did not examine levels of attractiveness.)

I wonder how this would have been different if the study looked at peer victimization among homosexual adolescents.  Additionally, I wonder how it would have been different if it had examined levels of attractiveness.

Binghamton University (2009, February 25). Peer Victimization In Middle And High School Predicts Sexual Behavior Among Adolescents. ScienceDaily. Retrieved March 21, 2009, from http://www.sciencedaily.com­ /releases/2009/02/090217104431.htm