As someone who wants to be a therapist, the idea that a robot may eventually outsource me is not good news.  However, new research suggests that a Palm Pilot be more helpful than I could ever be for a client dealing with Borderline Personality Disorder.

People dealing with Borderline Personality Disorder are characterized by extreme and persistant fluctuations in mood, relationships, self concept and anger.  They frequently make suicidal gestures, threats, or attempts in addition to self harming.  They feel alone and are terrified of abandonment.  They often feel paranoid or disassociate.  Research on treating Borderline Personality Disorder is just beginning.

Research is finding that it is difficult for clients dealing with Borderline Personality Disorder to retrospectively monitor their emotions and mark mood changes.  Additionally, self reporting may vary based on client mood and opinion of the therapist at any given time.  However, giving patients Palm Pilots that prompted them to rate their mood on a scale from 1-5 randomly throughout the day gave data that was both dependable and factual.  One researcher involved with the study supposed that eventually, Palm Pilots and other hand held devices may be installed with programs that prompt for healthy coping techniques and therapeutic interventions at given points.  Although this is bad news for me, it is good news for the client.

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