A study put out by Michigan State University found that some children who are victims of domestic violence are more resilient because they are by nature, more easy-going, and their mom’s don’t have mental health issues of their own.  Four times as many children who witness domestic violence prior to age 4 end up developing emotional or behavioral issues.  In spite of that, half of the children surveyed didn’t develop those issues because of their nature and mother’s mental health.  Children who were chronically exposed to domestic violence on the other hand typically did develop emotional/behavioral issues.

A huge part of this research seems to be very common sense.  That is the blessing and the curse of the research’s paramountcy.  Everything is simply not proven false.  Data rules.  However, in that world you have to spend money and time to confirm what would seem to incredibly evident.  At least now we have the data to help confirm the importance of taking care of the mental health needs of mothers.  With that data, we can get the money to make sure that it actually happens.

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