At the end of your life, what will have made it a success?  What will leave you happy?

Will it be to have worked for the highest position in your field?  Maybe to have achieved multiple graduate degrees?  Or a house in the city with a cabin the country?  Are the best things of life things?  Is the most satisfying calling we have one to achieve?

Research put out by the University of Rochester found prelimiary data that suggests that happiness isn’t found in extrinsic goals like aquiring stuff or job titles, but is instead found in relationships, service to others, and self growth.

It’s good to know that even when so many people’s earning power is being decreased and jobs are hard to come by, happiness isn’t ultimately found in the stuff money can buy.University of Rochester (2009, May 14). Achieving Fame, Wealth And Beauty Are Psychological Dead Ends, Study Says. ScienceDaily. Retrieved May 14, 2009, from­ /releases/2009/05/090514111402.htm