A recent issue of the Journal of Family Psychology found that Chinese parents are very effective parenting their children after moving to America because they seem to more readily use authoritative parenting styles with their children, as opposed to authoritarian, permissive or neglectful.  Caucasian parents were found to use permissive parenting styles more often, perhaps in an effort increase their childrens’ self-esteem.

The three parenting styles can be described in terms of nurturance and behavioral expectations.
Permissive parents are very nurturing and accepting of their children, but have low behavioral expectations.
Authoritative parents are very nurturing and have high behavioral expectations for their children.
Authoritarian parents are not nurturing, but have high behavioral expectations.
Neglectful parents neither nurture nor set behavioral limits for their children.

Immigrant Chinese parents seem to use Authoritative styles more often.  As one of the consequences of that style, their children seem to demonstrate fewer behavioral issues.

An additional factor is probably a high degree of family loyalty within many Asian family systems.  Behavioral issues reflect poorly on the entire family, and that high degree of cohesiveness may also suppress some behavioral issues before they occur.

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