The American Academy of Pediatricians has decided to take a more active role against bullying and dating violence by educating in the doctor’s office.  They hope to be able to prevent these types of violence by promoting the role of respect and commarderie in friendship and romantic relationships.  I appreciate the effort that the academy is making, but I am unsure how effective it will really be.  I think that the most effective way to change a group’s behaviors, specifically for bullying are consequences that are linked to the behaviors and utilizing peer leadership potential.  If school’s had the time and money to implement those sort of programs, I wonder what effect that would have on bullying rates.  I think that using pediatrician intervention for dating violence will be more effective in being sure that victims of crimes get the help they need, but I am unsure about prevention.  I typically think of the pediatrician as being someone that the average kid would see maybe 2, 3 times a year and I doubt that effectiveness of trying to change behaviors when you see someone so rarely.

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