The psychological health model since it’s inception has largely focused on dealing with deficits and needs within an individuals life. This paradigm is shifting, however, largely due to an increasing emphasis on strengths-based interventions and approaches. One of the pioneering researchers in positive psychology right now is Dr. Martin Seligman. He’s the head of Penn University’s Positive Psychology Center. I recommend checking out his webpage and looking at some of the quizzes and surveys he has posted. They all illuminate various strengths the individual taking the quiz possesses.  As a mental health worker, I am in support of moving from being deficit based to strengths based.  I don’t think that it is reasonable to expect an individual or family to grow by not recognizing the metaphorical fertile soil within and without.  As a mental health worker, I hope that I continue to recognize the strengths and talents the individuals and families I work with possess.  As a field, together we can move from bringing people to the baseline to pointing people to happiness.