I am terrible at keeping New Years resolutions so I rarely make them.  That being said, I do have some goals for the upcoming year:

  1. Read more: I am sure this will happen as a function of being a graduate student, but I also want to read more fun books.  I read the Harry Potter series for the first time in 2009, and it was awesome!  What other fun books am I missing out on?  I also just bought The Feminine Mystique, Marriage: A History, or How Love Conquered Marriage, and The Family Crucible so I want to get through those as well.  I hear that Naomi Wolf has written some pretty amazing books on female beauty and I want to check those out as well.
  2. Keep on exercising: In the interest of saving money, I have cut my gym membership.  This will save $40 a month, but I am a bit concerned that I will stop exercising as a result.  However, I am going to be using the Wii Fit more through the winter and start running again outside once it warms up.  Hopefully, I can keep my good habits going!
  3. Keep working hard in graduate school:  Pretty self explanatory.  I want to do some extra reading, start some research and get going on some thesis work this year.  I’m looking forward to it!
  4. Invest in relationships:  I am incredibly good at getting things done.  When I make a to-do list everything on the list gets accomplished, almost without question.  I am an incredibly hard worker.  Something that is difficult for me to work at though sometimes is friendships – this year I want to work harder and maintaining and building relationships with the people around me who matter.

Any resolutions or goals from your end?