Boys Totem Town

I got offered an internship today at Boys Totem Town in Saint Paul, MN!  BTT is a correctional facility for adolescent and young adult males.  A lot of them are dealing with conduct disorder and gang connections so it would definately be a departure from my experience working in mental health.  I think that it would be an excellent opportunity to challenge myself and move beyond my comfort zone.  For the internship, I would be doing all of the family therapy for the boys on my caseload and have up to ten clients at any given time.  I would work with clients from intake to the end of transition, so for anywhere from 7-9 months.  I would also have the opportunity to do some in-home work during clients transition out of BTT.  I feel really excited about this opportunity.  That being said, I am waiting to hear back from one other place, but BTT seems like a pretty awesome fit.